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GO MS 38 Telangana 10th PRC Automatic Advancement Scheme AAS 6-12-18-24 Details

GO MS 38 Telangana 10th PRC Automatic Advancement Scheme AAS 6-12-18-24 Details

GO MS 38 Telangana 10th PRC Recommendations Automatic Advancement Scheme AAS 6-12-18-24 Details GO.38 Dt:15-4-2015 10th Pay Revision Commission-Implementation of AAS (6/12/18/24) orders-issued. Copy of Automatic Advancement S FINAN plementation

G.O.MS.No. 38  Dated: 15-04 -2015Read the folloowing:-

 (FW.PRC.I)1. G.O.Ms.No.117 Dept., dated 25.05.1981.
2. G.O.Ms.No.164 F Fin &Plg (PRC.I) Dept., dated 01.06.1982.
3. G.O.Ms.No.297 F &Plg (PRC.I) Dept., dated 04.01.1988. Fin &Plg (PRC.I) Dept., dated 25.10.1983.
4. G.O.(P).No.2 Fin Fin &Plg. (PC.II) Dept., dated 22.07.1993.
5. G.O.(P) No.290 F
 6. G.O.Ms.No.311 F Fin &Plg (PC.II) Dept., dated 20.08.1993.
7. G.O.(P).No.362 F Fin &Plg (FW.PC.II) Dept., dated 28.10.1994.
8. G.O.(P).No.150 F Fin &Plg (PC.II) Dept., dated 01.09.1999.
9. G.O.(P).No.241 F Fin &Plg (PC.II) Dept., dated 28.09.2005.
10. G.O.(P).No.201 F Fin &Plg (PC.II) Dept., dated 10.07.2006.
11. Govt.Cir.Memo.N nance (PC.II) Dept., dated 03-04-2010. No.038035/199/PC.II/2008,Fin.(PC.I)dept.,dt.19.09.2009
12. G.O.Ms.No.93 Fin 13. G.O.Ms.No.96 Fin 14. Cir.Memo.No.020 nance (PC.II) Dept., dated 20-05-2011. 16. G.O.Ms.No.25, F 0-A/163/PC.II/2011, Fin (PC.II) Dept., dt.09.09 8.2011. 0091/125/PC.II/2011, Fin (PC.II) Dept., dt.17.08 15. Memo.No.02340 Finance (HRM.IV) Dept., dated 18.03.2015.


 Government, in thee order first read above,introduced the A Automatic Advancement Scheme to thee State Government employees and employeess of Local Bodies as a substitute for tho unable to get them at regular interv s Scheme, every employee after a service of ten Grade Post ose who are entitled to get promotions, but are ability of vals because of stagnation due to non-avail years in a vacancies. According to this particular scale shall be elig oyee who completes a period of 15 years in a tion Scale. gible for the next higher scale, called Special G Scale. A Government Emplo scale shall be eligible for pro pointment to the posts under Automatic Adv particular omotion scale called Special Temporary Promot vancement The fixation of pay on app ation of relevant provisions of the Andhraa Pradesh Scheme shall be in relaxa ployeesupto XVIII Grade in RPS 1978 were elligible for Fundamental Rules. The emp this scheme. In Govt.Memo.N No.41086-202/PRC I/81–1 Fin &Plg. (FW PRC t / Special dt.31.12.1981, it was clarified C.I) Dept., d that the appointment to the Special Grade Post Temporary Promotion Post / her duties and responsibilities of higher po an Adhoc rule to the above extent. The Scheme was further extended to Teachers working in Government, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Zilla Parishads and PanchayathSamithis and also Aided Institutions in the G.O. second read above. 2. In the G.O. 4th read above, orders were issued revising the Automatic Advancement Scheme as recommended by the Pay Revision Commission 1986 to the employees drawing pay upto Grade XVIII in the Revised Pay Scales 1986 and also introduced another level of Advancement after completion of 22 years of service by assigning second level promotion post scale/ next higher scale to the holders of SPP I/ SAPP I Scale as the case may be. In the G.O. 5th read above, orders were issued modifying the Scheme as recommended by the Pay Revision Commission 1993. According to these orders, the Scheme was modified by allowing Automatic Advancement Grades on completion of 8,16 and 24 years of service instead of 10, 15 and 22 years of service.

GO MS 38 Telangana 10th PRC Automatic Advancement Scheme AAS 6-12-18-24 Details

It was also ordered for fixation of pay under F.R. 22(a) (i) on promotion to regular post after availing the benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme instead of fixation under F.R.22-B as ordered in G.O.Ms.No.2, Fin &Plg (PRC.I) Dept., dated 04.01.1988 and also discontinued the SPP-II Scale (Second level promotion scale) on completion of 24 years in a post, instead it was ordered that employees who completed 24 years of service shall be allowed one increment in the SPP-I scale only. 3. Government, based on the recommendations of Pay Revision Commission 1999 issued orders in the G.O. 8th read above continuing the Scheme as recommended by the Pay Revision Commission 1993 and also exempting those employees who crossed 45 years of age from passing the Departmental tests, for appointment to the first level promotion post on the same conditions as were prescribed in G.O.Ms.No.225, G.A. (Ser.C) Dept., dt.18.05.1999. 4. In the Government orders 9th and 10th read above, based on the recommendations of the Eighth Pay Revision Commission 2003, orders were issued reintroducing the fixation of pay under F.R.22-B on promotion after availing the benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme and also modifying the orders issued sanctioning one increment in the existing scales of SPP-II/SAPP-II post scale by reintroducing the SPP-II/SAPP-II Scales on completion of 24 years which is the next promotion post to the first level promotion post. It was also clearly ordered that in the case of an employee holding a post for which there is no promotion post under the relevant Service Rules, he should be eligible to be placed on completion of 24 years of service, in the scale of pay, next above the scale applicable toSpl.Adhoc Promotion Post Scale-I. 5. On the recommendations of Ninth Pay Revision Commission, the Government issued orders in G.O.Ms.No.93, Finance (PC.II) Dept., dt. 03.04.2010, modifying the earlier orders issued by extending the Scheme to the employees upto and inclusive of Grade XXV in the Revised Scale (i.e.) Rs.25600-50560 as against the scales of pay upto under Grade XXI. It was also ordered for fixation of pay under FR 22-B for those employees who are promoted after availing the benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme and if the above fixation results in, the senior drawing less pay than that of junior, the pay of the senior shall be stepped up w.e.f. the date of promotion of the junior to a figure equal to the pay fixed for the junior in the higher post to which he/she is promoted on or after 01.07.2008, subject to the conditions laid down therein, with monetary benefit from 01.02.2010. Further, Government also ordered that if the Service Rules are changed imposing additional qualifications, for promotion after the entry of the individual into service, he shall be allowed the benefit of the next scale contemplated under Special Adhoc Promotion Post Scale instead of denying the benefit of promotion and consequently the benefit of SPP-I/SPP-II Scales. Those who benefited from this dispensation cannot claim the benefit of SPP-I or II even if they acquire the necessary qualification at a later date. 6. Subsequently, the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Workers and Teachers of the State, represented for change of periodicity of the Scheme as 6/12/18/24 years of service from the existing provision 8/16/24 years under Automatic Advancement Scheme. Government have agreed for the change of periodicity from the existing 8/16/24 to 6/12/18/24 years, for appointments under the Automatic Advancement Scheme and accordingly orders were issued in the
 G.O. 13th read above. Subsequently, necessary clarifications were also issued in the Memos., 14th and 15th read above. In the G.O. 16th read above, the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 were implemented. 7. The 10th Pay Revision Commission has opined that the scheme requires no further changes and it may be continued to be implemented as indicated below: i. The existing Special Grade, SPP IA/ SAPP IA/ SPP IB/ SAPP IB/SPP- II/SAPP-II may be continued with the Special Grade after 6 years, SPP- IA/SAPP-IA after 12 years, SPP-IB/SAPP-IB after 18 years and SPP- II/SAPP-II after 24 years. ii. If service rules are amended prescribing additional qualifications for promotion the Commission recommends that the existing incumbents may be exempted from possession of such higher qualifications for appointment to Special Promotion posts under Automatic Advancement Grades. iii. The benefit of pay fixation under F.R.22-B be continued on promotion even if the employee had derived the benefit under SG or SPP I-A and SPP I-B and if this results in the senior drawing less pay than

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